5 Ways to Enjoy Your Nut Butter (Can't Go Wrong with #1!)

I live an active lifestyle - from running Rose's to working out (Elev8 Lagree, Electric Studio Indoor Cycling, weight training) - and I find that the best way to fuel my busy days, keep energized for workouts, and feel full longer are to have nut butters on the daily. It has been a staple in my pantry since college, long before I started making them myself. Here are five ways I enjoy Rose's All Natural Nut Butter:

1. By the Spoon, Straight Out of the Jar

Rose's Kitchen Almond Butter on a Spoon

Spooning nut butter just makes sense. There’s something comforting about having a spoonful straight from the jar. But, it’s easy to go out of control when you do this, so make sure to portion out your tablespoon (or two) and shut that lid before you find yourself halfway through the jar. #GUILTY

2. On Pancakes and Oatmeal

Oatmeal with Rose's Almond Butter

Don’t skimp on breakfast! Or if you’re intermittent fasting, break that fast with a hearty, filling and delicious meal. Rather than sticking with the same bowl of oatmeal or pancakes every morning, spice things up and up your protein intake by drizzling a scoop of nut butter on top. To get that extra boost of nutrition, opt for mixed nut butters that have a hefty serving of Omega-3 healthy fats, protein, and fiber, like our Creamy Pili Cashew or Coconut Pili Almond Butter. The unique flavors and textures are sure to make your tummy (and heart) happy and you’ll swoon over the way warm oats and pancakes absorb all the nutty goodness

3. With Fruits

Rose's Almond Butter with Fruits

Who doesn’t love the classic banana or apple smothered with nutbutter? The contrast between sweet and savory makes your taste buds sing! If you want to try something on sweeter side, slice pitted dates in the middle and spread some nut butter in between. Very reminiscent of a (healthy) bite of peanut butter and chocolate. ;)

4. On Toast

Rose's Almond Butter on Toast

Move beyond the classic PB&J and elevate your sandwiches with some almond butter, cashew butter, or pili butter. I always opt for wheat bread or a seed-packed slice of toast instead for that extra nuttiness and crunch.

5. Mixed into Smoothies or Yogurt

Rose's Almond Butter in Green Smoothie

Get double the protein and flavor by mixing nut butter into your serving of Greek yogurt or homemade smoothies. A spoonful of Almond Butter will bring a single-serve container of Greek yogurt an additional 7 grams of protein plus more calcium and gut-friendly probiotics. The healthy fats and dose of protein will also help you to stay full and tide you over until your next meal

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We’ve seen lots of customers create their own savory sauces and marinades (replacing traditional commercial peanut butter) or prepare protein balls to snack on throughout the busy workweek. But we’ll save all that good stuff for another post.

Talk to you soon!
- Rose

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