About Rose's

The Idea

Having lived in the US for 4 years, I saw just how grocery stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s or even specialty stores like Eataly, carried specialty nut butters - from all natural nut butter to decadently flavored mixed nut butters. I have always been a big fan, but after trying as many brands and varieties of nut butters over the course of 4 years, I realized that there was more to nut butters than just the regular peanut butter widely available in the Philippines.

As a fitness enthusiast and on-the-go student myself, I would often look for a quick source of energy that would get me through classes, mid-afternoon slumps, and intense workout routines. I found nut butters to be the ideal source, given their level of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Because the nut butters I gravitated towards were always all natural and never sacrificed flavor, to me they represented the best of both worlds.

Flavor - check, health – check, no guilt – check!

Of course, everything in moderation. Thus, my relationship with nut butters was born. Every summer, I would come home in search of good brands to tide me over the months I would not have my jars, but was quickly disappointed with local finds using unwanted, unhealthy fillers – refined sugar and hydrogenated oils. My only viable option back then was purchasing the nut butters at Healthy Options, which burned a whole in my pocket merely because of how quickly I consumed a jar. So, time and time again, I contemplated making my own nut butters. This desire stayed with me for a while, but was never something I pursued owing to my lack of equipment and time to experiment.

It was when I finally returned to Manila upon graduating and leaving the corporate world that I decided to take this personal need and untapped market opportunity to the next level. I wanted to fill the gap between the sugar-laden local nut butters and the overly priced imported brands at Healthy Options. There was indeed a potential for more affordable, nutritious nut butters that would support a healthy lifestyle. Thus, Rose’s was born.

Value Proposition

We seek to promote 4 important values:

A Healthy Lifestyle

We are a brand born out of the desire to promote healthy living. Nutrition plays a big part in overall health and well-being, so we have crafted our nut butters such that we are able to offer something delicious but also nutritious. Perfect as part of a pre or post workout snack, we want our nut butters to help you achieve peak performance, whether at the gym or a long day at work. There is a preconceived notion that healthy is bland and boring, and that is something we also aim to change with our nut butters.  

All Natural, Minimal Ingredients

Because we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle and being a part of your fitness journeys, we make our nut butters with all natural, wholesome ingredients. Free of refined sugar and preservatives, our flavored variants are instead sweetened with either raw coconut sugar or raw pure wild honey. We believe that “less is more,” so we avoid loading our nut butters with fillers, focusing on using any added ingredients to showcase the flavor of the nuts.


Apart from health, our brand is all about #lovelocal. In support of our local agricultural industry, we try to source all possible ingredients here. For instance, both pili and cashews are grown abundantly while coconut is also produced copiously in the Philippines. 

Health Community

Rose’s aims to create a community of people that see the importance of and strive to live a healthy lifestyle. Apart from my innate love for nut butters, I see Rose’s as a vehicle through which people can share their passion for and dedication to eating well and living well, in turn inspiring others to hop on the bandwagon.